Client Reviews + Testimonials

Just a few of the amazing clients I have been honored with helping on their fitness journeys!


Ann Marie is a wonderful personal trainer. I have been working out with her for over a year. I started training with her when I was 7.5 months pregnant and she helped me keep moving through the final stages of my pregnancy.  Since having my baby, she’s helped me gain my core strength back and keep me active over Zoom even while quarantining. Her sessions are always tailored to my goals and how my body is feeling.  She keeps me on my toes!  I love that she’s flexible, encouraging, and deeply cares about the well-being of her clients. Highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, hard-working, and fun trainer.  

Samira J.

I started working out with Ann Marie during Covid. Her workouts ALWAYS challenge and I can see the results of the workouts! I love that the workouts are virtual and she is very accommodating to work around my work schedule. 

Francine C.

I was looking for a personal trainer to help me with exercises to overcome a meniscus tear in my knee and get back in shape as I was about to become a dad. Ann Marie was awesome. She knew exactly how to build a program that has gotten me pain-free, back to hiking, and stronger than I have been for a long time.  She adjusts our workouts based on my needs, combining strength and flexibility. Highly recommend her and still working out with her a year later. 

Fayaz J.

I have an old back injury that wasn’t diagnosed until after my first child was born. I did months and months of physical therapy and pilates to strengthen my core. I got pregnant and had my second child in July 2012. Two weeks after our daughter was born, I could hardly get off the floor or lift her due to excruciating back pain. After 9 months of physical therapy, I was released to do weight training and cardio exercises. I started boot camp with Ann Marie one year ago and cannot imagine my life without it.

One year ago, I couldn’t jog one step. I couldn’t jump. I modified every exercise and was convinced I would live a life with chronic pain. With a lot of hard work (and early mornings), I am now in the best shape of my life and pain-FREE!!! I have lost 14 pounds and gained back more than I ever thought possible.  I can even run now and am running my first 5K this month!

Ann Marie offers a wide variety of exercises and is always changing them up! I’ve met some great people and am now addicted to this boot camp!  Caroline D.

I have been practicing yoga for years and I would have considered myself to be fairly fit before I found Down Dog Fitness. I went to my first boot camp because two friends of mine had been going and said I should try it. This was the best advice I had received in a long time.

I barely made it through the first workout but I finished and I came back once a week for the first month. In the second month I increased to twice per week and I was getting stronger. A few months after I started I increased to three times per week and I was addicted. I was improving my cardio fitness, I was stronger and more toned and boot camp became and remains my choice of workout.

Two plus years later I am in the best shape of my life at 40 years old. Ann Marie brings new, challenging workouts and she helps you make modifications when needed. I did boot camp three times per week throughout my pregnancy up to and including the day before I had my daughter. My recovery was faster this time around and I give a lot of that credit to boot camp.  

Nikki E.

There is nothing quite like working out with Down Dog Fitness – challenging, fun, and engaging experience for both the mind and the body.  Ann Marie is personable and professional. She can customize any workout based on your current level of fitness. I’ve been a client for years and cannot recommend Ann Marie enough. Give it a try- challenge yourself and get fit! 

Sarah T.


Yelp reviews for personal training and boot camps:

I never thought I could look forward to getting up at 5 am! Ann Marie always has something different and challenging planned for us to do. I am a runner and felt like I was in pretty decent shape until a friend of mine brought me to one of Anne Marie’s classes. It was a wake-up call, so I signed up and could see progress in my strength after just a few weeks. Anne Marie gives lots of individual attention and is always checking to make sure we have good form. If you are looking for a physical challenge in a positive and fun environment, then this will be perfect for you. Also, we meet outside which I love since I have a serious aversion to gyms.

Sarah W.

Ann Marie is a fabulous trainer who can support any type of client with a variety of goals.  She invests time outside of training sessions to prepare workouts that align with the client’s needs and is incredibly supportive & encouraging.  She prioritizes her client’s health and fitness like no other and makes her workouts challenging AND fun.  Highly recommended!

Lisa H.

Ann Marie @ Down Dog Fitness is the only person who has ever managed to teach an exercise class interesting enough for me to come back for more; I will even get out of bed early for it twice a week. Every time I sign up for a gym membership or class or try to make an effort at home to work out more, I will give it a shot or two and then lose my motivation. This is the only attempt that stuck: The Down Dog boot camp classes in Butler Park feature a variety of exercises, a view of the downtown Austin skyline, a group of down-to-earth regulars, and Yoga stretches at the end. Highly recommended!

David O.

I had been running about 20 miles per week for a couple of years and wanted to mix in something challenging, but, different. I’ve been going for a month now and love it! Ann Marie challenges us, but, is encouraging and thoughtful to me as a newbie who doesn’t always know what we are about to do. Each workout is different and pushes you in a new way from the previous.  The location is great and the other group members are very encouraging and fun to be around.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to join a fun group for a very challenging workout!

Andy  C.

Ouch! Lol…. I’ve been doing insanity, p90x, and a few other things very regularly since January. I was really craving something outside and that’s when I found Ann Marie at down dog fitness. I haven’t been this sore in a while, and I’m super excited about it! I’ve been 4 times so far and the workouts have all been really fun, different each time, and very challenging! Ann Marie is very professional but personable.  I’m hooked!

Keri M.

Burnt out on running, I hit Yelp to search for something different. I found Down Dog Fitness. Ann Marie strikes the perfect balance between tough and fun. I’ve been going twice a week for three weeks, and I’m excited about the changes I’m seeing! I could have spent months at a crowded gym and not achieved the same results. 

The workouts are challenging, diverse, and easy to tailor to your current fitness level. Ann Marie finds ways to work muscles you didn’t even know about…until the next day. She encourages and motivates without getting in your face (which is kind of how I imagined boot camps to be). The class size is small, which means you get individual attention. Ann Marie makes sure you’re doing each exercise correctly and safely.

I’m the newbie in a group of Down Dog Fitness veterans, and they’ve made me feel incredibly welcome. Sweating and grunting with cool people as the sun comes up over the Austin skyline is the perfect way to start the day. Do it. You won’t regret it!

Jodi S.