Hi! I’m Ann Marie, a lover of all things fitness, health and wellness.

I started Down Dog Fitness as a place for people to get away from the stresses of their lives to feel better and realize this is their “playtime” just like dogs want to do when they get in their down dog pose. I hope when you see the name or are in the downward facing dog pose you are reminded to be in a playful mindset and not take life too seriously!

  • Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and ACE
  • Yoga instructor
  • Nutritious Life Master Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach
  • RRCA Run Coach

I did not grow up playing sports or exercising. I was always “skinny” and even nicknamed “Birdy” for my skinny legs. 

Fast forward to my 30s and realized exercise made me feel better and so much more and I was hooked. 

From running only a couple of miles to completing multiple marathons, including Boston, I know you are capable of achieving your goals!

I know that with consistency, effort, proper guidance, and an open heart and mind, YOU can achieve your fitness and health goals! 

I’d love to help you get fit and stay fit inside and out.  I believe fitness should be a holistic and lifestyle approach. No diets here!

My goal is to give you the tools you need to create healthy habits for life long sustainable fitness and wellness.

I create a safe, judgement free space for you to reach your goals and become a stronger, better version of YOU!

Let’s go!